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Foods for Fitness

I think most people who follow me on twitter or facebook are aware of this great company, Foods for Fitness, and the ease they provide anyone who follows a fitness diet however I receive many emails asking questions such as ‘did you really get all that for £40’,‘how does it come packed’, will they alter things for my requirements’ so the aim of writing this is to provide as much as possible about the wonderful service they provide.



Update so far - Blog 4

 Little late with this one so sorry guys!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe

 Sweet Potato Gnocchi



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 Little late with this one so sorry guys!

As some of you know, weigh in two Fridays ago (it’s weigh in again this Friday) wasn’t as expected.  I had gained 2lbs.  Although better than nothing I thought it would have been more as I felt and looked fuller.  I know the scales don’t always match what you look like and the main reason for a regular weigh in is to ensure I’m not loosing weight.  However it was the first time I really felt like I’d made gains but hey ho that’s just the way it is.


I’m due to take photo’s this week as it’ll be almost 6 weeks since I took my last ones.  This is where the truth will lye as it’s definitely more important to physically see the improvements as opposed to watching the scales.


Training is improving weekly which is great.  The weights are increasing and I feel strong with it, which is exciting. 

I now have the pleasure (or possibly dis-pleasure lol) of alternating my leg sessions between Tania and Paul (Olympic Gym).  I couldn’t straighten my knees every time I stood up for a week after training calfs with Paul last week, so much so that we didn’t train them this week so that they could rest! 


We’ve now noticed my leg sessions are much improved when wearing weightlifting shoes, the slight raise at the back stops me from tucking under with my pelvis as I lower with weight which in turn is allowing me to lift heavier without compromising my form.  So this will be next months treat J and will hopefully help with additional gains


As some of you will have seen there are now two training videos up.  The first one is for Legs and the second for Shoulders.  So take a peek when you get chance.

Whenever I try something new or something that I think will be of interest I’ll be sure to film and share it with you guys.


A cheeky little plug for LiquidGrip – this new grip product is fab and if you don’t believe me check out my video to prove it…’s seriously amazing!  Great for farmers walks, kettlebell workouts, pole dancing, gymnastics, crossfit, golf….you get the idea!


The past two weeks have seen a return to 12 Gauge MMA!!  I love training here, pretty simple really – you push yourself to where you want to and it’s great.  Sunday morning sessions are my fave as you are fully awake to then get on with your day.  I’d initially dropped off a little from anything cardio based as I wanted to decrease the levels to allow for weight gains.  However I’m on a mission to ensure that when we  (Team Grenade) complete the bootcamp in Vegas that I’m more prepared this time around!  I was not a happy bunny during some of last years lol – I simply do not run and when adding a log with someone clinging onto it, not so joyous ha ha!!  I did enjoy it really, I think most people who compete love being pushed beyond their comfort zone, I would just like to feel like I am not about to collapse this time :p

The days where I do this I make sure I’m having my cheat meals as well as having slightly increased areas in my diet.  This way more calories are being consumed to allow for the class.

I have my own goals within the class, the first I achieved this week.  I usually only continually jump over 4 stacked kick pads during circuits for the 20-30 sec intervals (repeated 8 times during the session).  Sunday gone, I achieved my goal of increasing to 5 and I didn’t remove any as I fatigued during the session…..I wonder if 6 is possible???!


The next two goals are to perform single handed kettlebell swings (16kgs) currently using both and if I’m honest I think it’s more through fear of letting go mid swing and it going flying lol!

Second is to complete front raises with a steering wheel motion with the 15kg plate.  Last week I was able to raise it with extended arms for the duration of drills but the rotation wasn’t happening.


Not much else to report at the moment.  I think the next important thing will be pictures.  Knowing what I’m like I imagine they won’t be put up until Monday if I take them Saturday but can’t wait to see the comparisons as what you see in the mirror usually isn’t what’s really going on.   Pictures don’t lie J


Hope you like the gnocchi recipe.  It really is ssooo simple to make!


PS – Should also have a tricep and back video up very soon